aladeen Global Halal Markets are creating a storm by providing the default Halal platforms for sellers of Halal products and services all under one roof.

Imagine you are a Malaysian food manufacturer of a range of Halal chili sauces, and your markets are currently limited to countries in South East Asia. By being a Haladeen B2B Vendor, you can now expand your markets exponentially beyond S.E. Asia, and sell to wholesale buyers in China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA and many more.

At Haladeen, you have an interactive and vibrant community of sellers and buyers of Halal products, and buyers can enquire and/or obtain quotation through Haladeen B2B, and if desired, to perform trades.

Haladeen B2B aims to be the default Global Halal platform for buyers and sellers of Halal products and services, and we are working hard behind the scene to build up a strong Haladeen community.

Vendor Store

As a Haladeen B2B, you will have your own Haladeen store in our platform, so buyers can view all your products in your store.

Vendor Dashboard

Each Vendor will have a Haladeen Vendor Dashboard to manage his store, with new features being introduced from time to time.


Numerous features, including Live Chat, Vacation Closure, Product Enquiry Form and Quote Request.