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Be a Haladeen B2B Vendor, your gateway to the Global Halal Markets for Halal food products, beauty and health, and non-food products and services.

Click on the repective Vendor Plans below for full details of each Plan. You can only buy 1 Plan at any one time; and buy through this page or the respective Plan’s page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before buying a Plan, please Register as a Vendor first, and Haladeen usually approves within a few hours or within the next day.

US$0.00 for 1 year
US$620.00 US$520.00 / year
US$500.00 US$420.00 / year
US$380.00 US$320.00 / year
US$260.00 US$220.00 / year
US$150.00 US$120.00 / year

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