e a Haladeen B2B Customer, your sources to the Global Halal Markets for Halal food products, beauty and health, and non-food products and services.

Haladeen Customer Program enables prospective buyers of Halal certified food and non-food products, and services to browse, liaise, negotiate and transact with Haladeen Approved Vendors globally.



ou will need to register as a Haladeen B2B Customer to perform certain functions within Haladeen B2B, and manage your Haladeen Account. Joining Haladeen for Customers is free and there is no charges. Simply register at Haladeen Account Registration page and have access to your own personalised Haladeen Account.

For more about on Haladeen B2B Program, please refer to our FAQ below.



aladeen Customer Program is unlike any Halal marketplace available. We are not a static platform, but a vibrant and lively platform, with numerous interaction channels between Buyers and Vendors, and direct trades and transactions (including payments).

Apart from buying Halal products and services from Haladeen Vendors, you may also sell your own products and services at Haladeen B2B. You can be both a Buyer and a Vendor in Haladeen. If you wish to join our Vendor Program, please visit Haladeen B2B Vendor Program page.



Simply browse through Haladeen B2B Global Halal Markets for any Halal Products and Services that are of interest to you. You may be a Supermarket, Wholesaler, Distributor, Stall Owner, Restaurant Owner. Be part of the larger Haladeen Global Community!



Register as a Customer of Haladeen B2B for FREE and with no obligations whatsoever to buy anything. Every Customer will get a Haladeen Account to manage his Wishlist, Quote List and many others. Registration takes less than one minute!



In Haladeen B2B Marketplace, feel free to ask any Vendor about his Product; Request a Quote; Ask Questions about a Product; contact Vendor directly, and negotiate on price, delivery schedule and payment terms.



At Haladeen B2B, Buyers and Sellers can trade directly if they so desire, or use Haladeen Payment Gateway. There is no cost to the Buyers at all.



  • How do I register as a Customer of Haladeen B2B?

    Please register at our Registration / Login Page. If you have already registered, please login at the same link.

  • What is My Haladeen Account?

    You are free to register as a Customer of Haladeen.com. Upon successful registration, you will have access to your personal My Haladeen Account, which will allow you to manage your own activities in your account, such as your profile, user password, your orders, and wishlist.

  • Can I use my user account for other sites within Haladeen.com?

    If you are a registered user of any of our Haladeen sites, eg. Haladeen.com, Haladeen.com/GO, Haladeen.com/B2B, you may use your same user login credentials to login as a Customer in Haladeen B2B. Your login credentials are usually your email address or your username.

  • I have agreed to buy from a Vendor, how do I pay?

    If you have agreed to buy products and services from a Vendor, you and the Vendor can decide on the mode of payment for the sale and purchase of products. Although Haladeen B2B may provide a payment gateway if parties use the Request a Quote feature, parties are free to decide on direct trades, transactions and payments.

    The mode of payments usually depend very much on the quantum of the purchase price of the products. Payment modes may include PayPal, Bank Transfer, Banker’s Draft, and Letters of Credit.

    Please note that Haladeen is a Global Halal Marketplace and are not involved contractually or otherwise in your trade with the Vendor. In dealing with any Vendor, you should always do your own due diligence in assessing the risks before making any payment.

  • What is the currency quoted in Haladeen B2B?

    The default currency quoted by the Vendors in Haladeen B2B is in United States Dollars (USD or US$), and prior to accepting any Vendor’s offer, you are advised to confirm with the Vendor on the currency quoted.

    Haladeen may provide currency converter for informational and guidance purposes, and you should not rely on such conversion as accurate and correct.

  • Do I need to pay any fee to Haladeen?

    If you decide to buy from any of Haladeen Vendors, you need not pay any fee to Haladeen.

    As Haladeen is a marketplace, please note that in buying from a Vendor, you are entering into a contract with the Vendor directly, and not with Haladeen.

  • Is Haladeen selling the products or the Vendors?

    Haladeen.com is a virtual shopping or marketplace with different stores or sellers selling their own respective products. It is akin to a shopping centre, with different stores selling different goods and services. The goods and/or services in Haladeen.com are sold by the respective Sellers.

    Save for limited products and/or services that are expressly stated to be sold by Haladeen.com, please note that any purchase carried out through Haladeen.com is a contract between you and the Seller.

    Haladeen’s sole role is to provide a convenient platform for our Global Halal Vendors to sell their goods and services.

  • What is Request a Quote?

    If this feature is available, it permits Buyer to add items to a Quote List and then submit it to specific Seller to get a quote for them. This is useful when Buyer wishes to buy in bulk to be delivered to a specific destination (eg. Tokyo, London), or when Seller does not specify a price or does not allow sale to take place automatically in this site.

    The Seller will then review the request for quote and submit a quote to the Buyer, who can then accept or reject the offer. Notifications will be sent via emails, but Seller and Buyer can manage them in their respective dashboards.

    In order for a Buyer to submit the Request a Quote, he has to be a registered user.

  • Is Haladeen B2B mobile responsive? Can I buy products using my mobile device?

    All our sites in Haladeen.com are using the latest web technology and are highly mobile responsive. You are able to make your enquiries and make purchases through our website.

  • I am interested in a product, how do I request for a Quote?

    Browse the site, and click on Add to Quote button to select items to add to Quote List. Once you have clicked the button, you will be directed to your Quote List. You may continue to shop and add more items into your Quote List.

    [image url=”https://haladeen.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/add-to-quote-01.png” target=”_blank” align=”center” autoheight=”true”]

    Add to Quote Video Tutorial

  • Can I request for quotes from different Vendors?

    Yes, you may add items from different Vendors in one quote request, and our system will notify the Vendors respectively. Each Vendor will respond to you separately on your request.

  • How do I know when Vendor has quoted?

    You should receive an email from Haladeen System when the Vendor respond to your Quote request. You can also check the quote response in your Haladeen Account Dashboard > My Quotes tab.

  • If I accept the Vendor's Quote, can I accept and proceed to pay the Vendor through Haladeen?

    After you have accepted the Quote, you may Checkout (if Checkout is available) to proceed to make payment through Haladeen Payment Gateway. In making payment, you are paying to Haladeen who will then pay the same to the Vendor.

    Before making payment, please check that the payment amounts as listed in the Checkout page is the same as the prices accepted by you.

    You should check the following:

    • items prices
    • shipping charges
    • any other fees or charges

    If the Checkout amount differs from that quoted by Vendor (more or less), please do not proceed to checkout, and make another request to Vendor.

    [image url=”https://haladeen.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/add-to-quote-03-checkout.png” target=”_blank” title=”Checkout Payments” align=”center” autoheight=”true”]
  • I am a Buyer, but also wish to sell, can I do that in Haladeen B2B?

    If you are a registered Customer of Haladeen B2B, you may also be a B2B Vendor at Haladeen B2B and sell your products and services through Haladeen Marketplace. Simply apply to be a Vendor and buy a Vendor Plan and you can start selling as well.

    Generally, there is no restrictions for you to be a Buyer and also a Seller at Haladeen B2B.