Premium Halal Markets is a Premium Halal Marketplace envisioned by the Haladeen Team as the “Next BIG Thing” coming to manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and buyers of Halal food products and services on an enormous global scale.

Demands for Halal products and services are increasing exponentially in recent years, but there has been no consistent market platform for manufacturers, sellers and suppliers to sell and market their products and services to a worldwide buyers of wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

HALAL + DEEN is ‘Halal Way of Life

Haladeen Social

Haladeen Lifestyle and Communities is not only a Global Halal Marketplace, but also aims to be the default Global Halal Lifestyle Hub with a growing community all over the world. You can make friends (Club); purchase your air tickets to your favourite destination (Flights); booked your hotel rooms way in advance (Hotels) and dined at the most renowned Halal Restaurant and give your review (Go).

You can almost do anything at, and more features will be added from time to time. We hope you will join the Revolution, and be part of our Community.

Buy Halal Products and Services

For Muslims all over the world, shopping in a conventional supermarket is a hassle, as many food products are not Halal certified. In partnership with MYOutlets Global Halal Hub (MGHH), who is operating the only Halal Supermarket in Singapore, has created an effective and fun online shopping experience for Halal food and beverage products on a B2C platform.

In Phase 1 of our launch, will be showcasing MGHH in Singapore as the main vendor, offering its Halal food and beverage products in, similar to the offline shopping in MGHH.

We will be showcasing other invited premium Halal vendors in Singapore in Phase 2 (estimated in December 2016 or January 2017), and make it the default Global Halal shopping site. With all our brothers and friends, let’s Unravel the Magic of Haladeen!

In the same Phase 2, we also hope to launch our Haladeen B2B for the global markets. Our Team is working hard to make all these happen.

Sell Globally

Halal Sellers' Paradise

Think eBay, Amazon and Alibaba for the general population. For sellers of Halal products and services, Haladeen is akin to all 3 of them combined, but catered strictly to the ever growing demand for Halal food, beverages and other products and on an enormous global scale. The Muslim population globally has been on an exponential rise, and demand for Halal food and beverage is increasing every year.

As Halal food products are made with love, everyone loves them, including non-Muslims. Big markets for Halal products, include China, Europe, Middle East, Indonesia and USA. Sellers of Halal products and services should take advantage of Haladeen B2B platform to market them to global wholesale buyers. Together with our vendors, we can make Haladeen Wave a reality.

Together with our Premium Haladeen Vendors, Haladeen will be the default B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) Global Halal Hubs for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, travels and others catering to Muslims and Non-Muslims globally. Haladeen Team is working extremely hard behind the scene to make these happen.